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The one aim of is to save you money and to make sure you get the best car insurance policy to suit your means.   In addition to car insurance you will find details on CTP insurance, car registration and licensing,


A Quick Overview of the Car Insurance Industry

I find it intersting that there are so many insurance companies out there but many of them are underwritten by a handfull of companies.  Often when many different retail companies have their policies underwritten by the same company you will find their policies very similar if not the same.   Companies that underwrite multiple retails insurance companies include: Allianz, AAMI, Vero, Auto & General, CGU, Insurance Australia and Hollard.  In addition to this, the prices are often similar when the underwriter is the same because the underwriter charges a certain price and the retailer takes a bit ontop of that.

There are websites out there which show policies and prices only from one underwriter.  It might seem you are getting 10 quotes but all the quotes will be similar because the majority of the costs go to the underwriter.  Go on, check it out at other compairson sites.  All the quotes will be similar and all the policies basically the same if not exactly the same.  So what is the point in that? How is that going to get you a better deal?  You might as well not even compare because in reality your comparing apples with apples.


So Why knows how the industry works and for that reason we can save you money by properly comparing car insurance.  We have a database of over 10,000 quotes from 7 underwriters.  These underwriters cover many of the brands you know so even though you are only getting 7 quotes, these 7 quotes are from 7 different underwriters which underwrite more than 60 retail insurance companies.  This means that you are likely to get the best price for your particluar circumstances. also lists policy features and company profiles from over 50 retail companies underwritten by a wide range of insurers.  This means you are comparing apples with oranges with carrots and bok choi so you are bound to find a car insurance policy that suits you at the best price you can.


What details do use to get you a quote

The price of insurance is determined by a number of factors with each insurer asking different questions to determine how much you pay for your car insurance.  QuoteMyWheels uses the main factors that affect price when you get an indicative quote which are age, rating, car value, postcode/state and sex.   As these factors change so will your car insurance.  By only using these main factors you can get an idea of which insurer will be the cheapest in only 6 questions.  It literally onlu takes 2 min.


We hope you get the most out of the site and get a great deal on your car insurance.  That is our No.1 goal.


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