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Western Australia (WA)

ctp_logo Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)

It is required by law for each motorist to hold CTP Insurance in Australia. It protects the driver or owner of the vehicle from personal injury claims made against them in the case of an accident.

In Western Australia, CTP Insurance is provided as part of your ‘Licensing’ in WA and is administered by The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA); the licensing is provided by The Department for Planning and Infrastructure (DPI). Unlike in TAS, and VIC, CTP insurance through ICWA is a at fault based system where cover is only provided to the party not at fault. See the DPI and ICWA websites for more information.

Go to the Car Cost Calculator to get an indication of what your CTP and Registration costs are or visit the relevant authority in your state.


rego_logo Registration

In Western Australia you need to register your vehicle with the Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DPI). There are several things you need to do before you can start driving your car;

1) Get your drivers license
2) If required, obtain a vehicle examination
3) See if you require an immobiliser
3) Once the above two items have been covered then you can go and register/license your vehicle.

Registration fees in WA are calculated on the weight of your vehicle (GVM). You will also need to pay a fee and/or duty when you transfer the registration of the vehicle into another name, such as when you sell/buy a vehicle and also may require an immobiliser to be fitted.

Motor vehicle registration (initial)

Stamp duty usually needs to be paid on any new WA application registration. Duty is determined from the market value or cost of your car. You then register your car with the cost being the non-duty registration costs being the same as for a renewal.

Motor vehicle registration (renewal)

The cost of motor vehicle registration renewal will vary depending on the Gross Vehicle Mass (GMV) of your vehicle.

Vehicle Examination

Vehicles may need an examination in WA in order to be registered, fees range from $17.10 to $134.50. See the Transport SA vehicle examination website for more information.`

Transfer fee and motor vehicle registration duty (for buying or selling a vehicle)

In WA, every vehicle, unless it is exempt, must have either a factory fitted or Government approved immobiliser fitted before the licence can be transferred. Transport SA charges a vehicle transfer fee of $21. Additional motor vehicle stamp duty often applies and is based off the cars value. See the Transport WA stamp duty calculator to calculate your duty.

Checking a vehicle for finance & other details before purchase

In WA, the Department of Consumer Employee Protection through their REVS division offers checks on your vehicle to ensure it is not carrying debt and is not recorded as stolen, defected, wrecked or written-off. You can obtain a check online for free at REVS or by phoning them.

keys License

All states and territories in Australia use a national driver license system. The national license classes contribute to road safety by better matching licence classes to the types of vehicles used on Australian roads making it easier to move between different States and Territories. License classes available are;

car Car

Car licenses apply to vehicles not exceeding 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GMV) and which carries less than 11 passengers.

motorcycle2 Motorcycle

Applies to 2 or three wheeled vehicle including using a sidecar or trailer with your motorbike.

light_rigid light_rigid2 Light Rigid (LR)

Applies to any rigid vehicle (ie, truck or bus) which is between 4.6-8.0 tonnes GMV. You must have held a car license for at least 12 months to get you LR license.

medium_rigid_bus medium_rigid_truck Medium Rigid (MR)

Allows you to drive a two axel rigid vehicle more than 8 tonnes GMV and tow a single trailer up to 9 tonnes. You must have held a car license for at least 12 months to get you MR license

heavy_rigid_bus heavy_rigid_truck Heavy Rigid (HR)

Can drive a rigid vehicle with 3 or more axels greater than 8 tonnes GMV and tow a single trailer up to 9 tonnes. You must have held a car license for at least 24 months to get you HR license.

heavy_combin1 heavy_combin2 Heavy Combination (HC)

Allows you drive a prime mover, single semi-trailer or rigid vehicle plus trailer greater than 9 tonnes GMV. You must have held a car license for at least 24 months and your MR for 12 months to get you HC license.

MC1 MC2 Multi Combination (MC)

Allows you to drive the same vehicles as a HC license although enable you to add one or more additional trailers. You must complete a course for you MC license and also held you HR or HC license for at least 12 months.

To find out more visit Western Australia’s Licensing authority DPI

custplates2 Custom Number Plates

Custom plates in WA is run by the Department for Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) and is controlled by the WA Government. Their AFL styles number plates are done through Licensys, the same company that the Tas Government has an agreement with.

WA has around 10 plate categories but all are fairly standard, in fact, some of the different styles look pretty much the same but different colours. The do have a cool fundraiser series and also a sporting plates series but Western Australian’s don’t have the same choice as Queenslanders, Victorians or Tasmanians in terms of options.

Plates are available in aluminium and polycarbonate with prices ranging from $13-$798 which makes them pretty good value.

See the DPI custom plates webpage for more information.

handcuff Demerit Points and Fees