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License, CTP & Rego

You can either browse by the topic and view all the states requirements or you can browse by your state to see excactly what you need to get your car on the road.

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So you have your car, but before you go driving you need to do a few things first to make sure you obbey the laws of Australia and the state where your car is registered. There are three things that each state make you do before you can drive on the roads:

1 Get your license

2 Get Consumer Third Party Insurance (CTP)

3 Register you vehicle

In most states, CTP insurance is included in the price of registration. In addtion, although not compulsory it is a good idea to insure you against a car accident

4 Get Car Insurance

If you need online car insurance then you can get an insurance quote online through Quote My Wheels. We compare a number of car insurance companies so you can get the best policy for your particular needs. There are benefits of getting a car insurance quote online and one is that most car insurance companies offer discounts who get online car insurance rather than the traditional methods.