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Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)
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It is required by law for each motorist to hold CTP Insurance in Australia. It protects the driver or owner of the vehicle from personal injury claims made against them in the case of an accident. In QLD and NSW CTP insurance must be purchased where as in the other states and territories it is included in the price of registration.

Each state regulates CTP insurance in one way or another although these regulations are different in each state. Some states offer protection to injured parties regardless of fault where as some don’t; all states use Common Law.  Some states also cover those injured in the accident where the car was not registered but this is not offered by all states.  It is important to understand what the regulations are in your state as CTP affect injury claims involved non the road.

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CTP insurance

nsw NSW

CTP insurance must be purchased before the car can be registered. Proof of payment comes through being provided a ‘Green Slip’ which is effectively the receipt. There are several providers of CTP insurance in NSW with the policy conditions varying among insurers including some policies not providing personal injury cover to the driver at fault. CTP insurance is regulated by the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA)

The MAA has made recent changes to Green Slip cover including a scheme called the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme (LTCS) which includes in all Green Slips cover to all children up to the age of 16 seriously injured motor accidents regardless of who was at fault. See the MAA website for more details about NSW Green Slips.


Vic Victoria

CTP insurance is provided to all Victorians through the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and is included in the registration price your vehicle with VicRoads; both of these organisations are owned by the Victorian Government.

Registration is calculated based on where you live and also, for first time registration of a vehicle, the market value of the car. It is a no fault system covering all parties injured in the accident. See TAC or VicRoads for more information


tas Tasmania

Like Victoria, CTP insurance is proved in the registration price of your vehicle and is provided by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB); it is often referred to as the ‘MAIB Premium’. MAIB provides no fault cover for Tasmanians including providing medical and income benefits to those injured in a motor vehicle accident. Registration of vehicles in Tasmania is provided through The Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER). See MAIB and the DIER transport site for more information.


SA South Australia

CTP insurance is provided by the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) and is included in the price of registration which is provided by The South Australian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DTIE). The MAC offers an at fault system and does not cover injuries to the driver who is entirely at fault and has contracted Allianz Australia to handle all enquiries and claims relating to motor vehicle accidents resulting in personal injury claims. See MAC and the DIET transport site for more details.


WA Western Australia

CTP Insurance is provided as part of your ‘Licensing’ in WA and is administered by The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA); the licensing is provided by The Department for Planning and Infrastructure (DPI). Unlike in TAS, and VIC, CTP insurance through ICWA is a at fault based system where cover is only provided to the party not at fault. See the DPI and ICWA websites for more information.


NT Northern Territory

CTP Insurance is provided by Territory Insurance Office (TIO) and is included in the registration of your vehicle, which is administered by The Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI), under a no fault cover policy. See the TIO and DPI website for more information.



CTP insurance is currently only provided by NRMA in the ACT. The cost of CTP insurance is included in the price of registration which is administered by the ACT Road Transport Authority using at fault system. The CTP scheme is owned by the ACT Government but NRMA manages CTP claims and premiums. See rego.ACT for more information


QLD Queensland

CTP Insurance is regulated by The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) but is underwritten by private insurers. Motorists must have CTP insurance before they are able to register their motor vehicle. There are six registered CTP Insurance providers in QLD and offer different services. QLD operates under an at fault system; see the MAIC website for more information.