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ctp_logo Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)

It is required by law for each motorist to hold CTP Insurance in Australia. It protects the driver or owner of the vehicle from personal injury claims made against them in the case of an accident.  

CTP insurance is currently only provided by NRMA in the ACT.  The cost of CTP insurance is included in the price of registration which is administered by the ACT Road Transport Authority using at fault system.  The CTP scheme is owned by the ACT Government but NRMA manages CTP claims and premiums. See rego.act for more information

Go to the Car Cost Calculator to get an indication of what your CTP and Registration costs are or visit the relevant authority in your state.

rego_logo Registration

In the ACT you need to register your vehicle with the Road Transport Authority which has a website called Rego.ACT.   There are several things you need to do before you can start driving your car;

1) Get your drivers license
2) If required, obtain a Vehicle Inspection
3) If required, complete a Vehicle Identity Check
4) Once the above two items have been covered then you can go and register/license your vehicle.

The cost of registration in Tasmania is determined by the weight of your car.   You will usually also need to pay a fee and/or duty when you transfer the registration of the vehicle into another name, such as when you sell/buy a vehicle.  CTP insurance is included as part of you vehicle registration in Tasmania and is provided by NRMA.

Motor vehicle registration (initial)

New registrations will often need stamp duty.  You may also need to get an inspection and a vehicle identity check.  Registration is then as per a renewal.

Motor vehicle registration (renewal)

The cost of motor vehicle registration renewal will vary depending on the type of vehicle you have.

Vehicle Inspection

If a vehicle is not renewing registration then it may need a vehicle inspection.  Inspections are done through Approved Inspection Stations and cost between $12.80 and $433.65 although for most passenger cars the cost is $52.10.  See Rego.ACT for more information.

Transfer fee and motor vehicle duty (for buying or selling a vehicle)

When transferring vehicle registration in the ACT, duty is collected by the Road Transport Authority on behalf of the ACT Revenue Office.  See the Rego.ACT duty website to calculate your duty.

Checking a vehicle for finance & other details before purchase

In the ACT, the Office of Fair Trading offers checks on you vehicle through a business service called REVS.  REVS can tell you if a motor vehicle or boat you are thinking of buying is carrying a debt.  They offer a free search on their website although is you want to obtain a REVS Search Certificate you will need to pay $13.30  This certificate gives you conditional legal protection against repossession due to the previous owner's unpaid debt.  You can purchase this certificate from their REVS website or by phoning them directly.

keys License

All states and territories in Australia use a national driver license system. The national license classes contribute to road safety by better matching licence classes to the types of vehicles used on Australian roads making it easier to move between different States and Territories. License classes available are;

car Car

Car licenses apply to vehicles not exceeding 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GMV) and which carries less than 11 passengers.

motorcycle2 Motorcycle

Applies to 2 or three wheeled vehicle including using a sidecar or trailer with your motorbike.

light_rigid light_rigid2 Light Rigid (LR)

Applies to any rigid vehicle (ie, truck or bus) which is between 4.6-8.0 tonnes GMV. You must have held a car license for at least 12 months to get you LR license.

medium_rigid_bus medium_rigid_truck Medium Rigid (MR)

Allows you to drive a two axel rigid vehicle more than 8 tonnes GMV and tow a single trailer up to 9 tonnes. You must have held a car license for at least 12 months to get you MR license

heavy_rigid_bus heavy_rigid_truck Heavy Rigid (HR)

Can drive a rigid vehicle with 3 or more axels greater than 8 tonnes GMV and tow a single trailer up to 9 tonnes. You must have held a car license for at least 24 months to get you HR license.

heavy_combin1 heavy_combin2 Heavy Combination (HC)

Allows you drive a prime mover, single semi-trailer or rigid vehicle plus trailer greater than 9 tonnes GMV. You must have held a car license for at least 24 months and your MR for 12 months to get you HC license.

MC1 MC2 Multi Combination (MC)

Allows you to drive the same vehicles as a HC license although enable you to add one or more additional trailers. You must complete a course for you MC license and also held you HR or HC license for at least 12 months.

To find out more visit ACT’s Licensing authority Rego ACT

custplates2 Custom Number Plates

Road User Services is responsible for custom number plates in the ACT and is an entity of the Act state government.  ACT custom plates are available in a range of colours and styles and come in both tin and plastic – logo and slogans can be added for additional fees.  

The ACT issues about 36,000 number plates each year with the new 'Y' series number plates carrying the centenary logo and the tagline 'Celebration of a Century 2013'.

Number plates are available for cars, motorbikes and trailers.  The price depends on the style of plate you chose and the number of digits.  Plates price as at July 2008 were as follows;

Vehicle plates range from $721.40 to $5303.15
Motorbike plates range from $433.65 to $2908.55
Trailer plates range from $214.75 to $2908.55

See Non-standard number plates or the Rego ACT website for more information or click on PDF to see the type of plates available.

Rego ACT custom plates -
Application Form -
Types of plates available -

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