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Reduce Car Running Costs

The team at Quote My Wheels is dedicated to saving you money on the road and it is our mission you spend as little as possible on your car - this is why Quote My Wheels was developed. Economic times are tough and if you can squeeze a few extra dollars from your car running cost then you beauty! Below are some simple steps on how you can reduce your cars running costs. If you haven't already used the Car Cost Calculator then you should put your details in and it will show you how much your car costs you each year and the breakdown of those costs - no one else in Australia offers this type of service, and its all free for you to use.



Everyone knows that the moment you drive your new car out of the dealer’s yard it reduces in value and unless you pick it right and choice a classic the chances are your car will keep depreciating until it is worth almost nothing. Cars depreciate at different rates but depreciate faster in the first 3 years (usually 13-15%) and less after that (around 6-9%). But there are ways to help reduce your depreciation costs, including;

Buy a second hand car
A second hand car will lose value at a slower rate than a new car. You may even be able to pick up a car with its warrantee still valid.

Negotiate will you buy your car
We have all seen the 6:30pm shows giving you tips on how you can save money when you purchase a car but most of us still don’t take those few simple steps which could save you thousands. Buying old models or at end of year sales can get you a nice discount which although wouldn’t stop depreciation, it would reduce its affects as the starting value is not so high.

Buy a car that holds its value better
Some cars hold their value better than others. This is often a result of quality of the model and make. Cars that are reliable and well built tend to depreciate at a lower rate. If your car depreciates at a lower rate your car costs will be reduced as depreciation can be significant in some cars.


Fuel Type

The type of fuel you use can make a big difference to you car’s running costs. Diesel might be a little more expensive at the pump but studies have shown diesel is much more economical with superior performance capabilities than petrol and so you may end up saving quite a lot.

LPG is half the price of both petrol and diesel and works out to be cheaper than both despite needing 20% more fuel to travel the same distance. The Federal Government’s LPG Vehicle Scheme also offers rebates of up to $2000 for those who convert their cars to LPG although you should make sure the costs weigh up before you decide to make the switch as typical conversions cost between $2,500 to $4,500. See for more info on rebates available.



Most people who own a car have no idea how it runs and what to do to when things go wrong. The problem with this is that mechanics know you have no idea and some might try and take you for a ride. By learning a few things about your car you could save yourself a great deal of money and time by not needing to take your vehicle in every time something goes wrong. Things that are easy to do such as changing your own battery, checking and replacing oil, how to change blown light globes or fuses and changing belts could save you big time on your yearly servicing bill.

Not only can you save by learning how perform a a few simple tasks on your car but you can also save by shopping around. Finding a great mechanic at the right price is not easy and when you have finally found one they often keep your business for life. If you don’t have a mechanic or think your mechanic might be charging too much then get a few quotes next time you take your car in for servicing. You might be surprised at the result.



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