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Owned By: Members (not-for-profit membership based community organisation) Underwritten By: Insurance Manufacturers of Australia Pty Limited

RACV is proud of its rich history which began in December 1903 when the Club was formed at Melbourne’s Port Phillip Club Hotel. Initially established as a motorists’ social club, RACV encouraged the development of motoring and protected the rights of motorists. RACV has provided insurance services since 1915.

RACV offers a range of car insurance covers to suit all sorts of needs - from complete care car insurance to basic third party insurance.

Source: RACV

Licensed <2 years
<25 & Not Nominated
Variable Excess
Yes (only comprehensive)
Remove Excess
Yes (only comprehensive)
Years to Rating 1
5 years
Basic Excess
<25 years old
Not your Fault (no-fault)
No change
Your Fault (at-fault)
Downgrade NCD if you don't hold NCD protection
NCD Protection