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Car insurance pay as you go: A Better Option
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Where car insurance payment plans are concerned, you can either pay the full amount as soon as you buy an insurance policy for your vehicle, or pay by monthly installments. However, what you should bear in mind is that monthly installments could mean paying a hideous interest rate on top of your actual quote price, which can increase the cost of your cover by a hundred dollars or more. This is when you can try going with the option of car insurance pay as you go.

It is quite sad but true that for the majority of people, monthly installments are the only way to go because paying the whole sum at once is simply unaffordable.  A new way of paying is known as car insurance pay as you go. This refers to buying a car insurance policy as and when you need it.

In other words you are basically paying a monthly amount for a monthly premium. This way if your vehicle just sits in the garage for days at a time, you don’t have to think about the cost of insurance that may be going wasted. Car insurance pay as you go payment plans are also perfect for those people who are driving to some destination for a week.

This way you don’t end up paying for a year’s car insurance for a car that you only have to drive for a couple of days. The best thing about car insurance pay as you go is that unlike yearly payment plans, you can start, stop and cancel your policy at any time at all, which is very convenient for all drivers. So, try car insurance pay as you go if you would rather pay monthly installments.  Compare insurance companies using our 1-of-a-kind car insurance policy compare tool to see if the you can pay by the month