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03 October 2012

The Best Value Cars to Insure

With car insurance premiums climbing ever higher, savvy consumers will look at ways to lower their car insurance premiums on several levels. Insurance companies take numerous factors into account when they are calculating your insurance premium, including your driving record, age, and region. Yet one of the major factors that weigh into this cost is the type of car that you drive. The best value cars on the market today will not only offer a low sticker price, but they will also incur lower insurance rates. To find the best value cars in terms of insurance with the help of a car comparison guide, it's important to first understand how the insurance companies rank these vehicles.

Cars with Affordable Insurance Rates

The best value cars to insure will have several factors in common, including statistics that back up their claims of safety and reliability. While fees will vary quite a bit, smaller cars tend to have lower tariffs; as do those more likely to be used solely in urban environments.

  • Ford Fiesta – One of the most consistently popular cars on the road today, when reading any Ford Fiesta review you'll note mention of its strong value for money. It is considered to be one of the most fun cars to drive of its class at a low tax band, with the fuel-efficient Econetic model incurring slightly higher insurance rates than the standard version.


  • Kia Magentis – An ideal sedan for families, the mid-sized Magentis offers incredibly low insurance prices compared to similar models on the road today. The key to its value may be that it is a practical, straightforward vehicle without any accident-causing bells and whistles.


  • Chevrolet Spark –With an economical 55.4 MPG, the petite Chevrolet Spark is also low on the insurance cost ladder, making it an affordable first-time car. Due to its small size, it's best suited to city environments, and can be a good option for younger drivers who are in need of something cost-efficient and reliable.


  • Hyundai i30 – The i30 is consistently ranked highly as one of the all-around best value for money cars, with its reliability and economic price. It also keeps insurance prices down, due to its track record of being a safe, reliable hatchback.


  • Volkswagen Fox – With a boxy, practical design, the Fox holds its resale value well and falls into a lower band of insurance pricing. It offers a decent performance both within city environments as well as on the open road, although it may skimp on flashy details.

These are only a few examples of cars that give great value for money on your insurance rates, so it's worth researching how your vehicle of choice stacks up.

How to Get Even Cheaper Rates

Choosing a reliable, practical vehicle with low accident statistics is one way to lower your car insurance. Yet this is not the only thing you can do to shave money off of your insurance bills. The importance of shopping around for your car insurance cannot be emphasized enough, as this can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars between different providers. Obtain several different quotes and compare them to find the best option for your needs. Be sure that you are comparing equal coverage, rather than simply choosing the lowest quote.

How to Get the Best Motorcycle Insurance Quote PDF Print E-mail
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Car Insurance
22 September 2010

car  cost  calculator - reduce your car running costs

Like cars, a motorcycle insurance quote is dependent on many factors, of which the major is the make and model of the motorcycle in question. For example, a Panther 750 and a BMW K75 are two different types of motorcycles entirely, and a motorcycle insurance quote for each of them will vary significantly.  

In general, when you are looking for a motorcycle insurance quote, you may be offered two kinds of policies available for purchase. One policy is tailored to insure the bike, not the bike’s rider. You can also get cover for several people for the same bike. The most common one though, is known as a specified rider policy. It works by insuring only the rider, which means that he can ride any motorcycle he wishes to, but within a particular size limit. This type of policy will give cover to any motorcycle owned by the policy-holder and any that he rides with the owner’s permission.  

When applying for a motorcycle insurance policy, you should keep in mind though that you may have to meet certain conditions to be able to buy it. The majority of insurance companies will require that you have a full valid driver’s license and that you be aged a minimum of 16 years. You may also be asked to disclose any and all criminal convictions.

After considering all these points, you need to compare different types of policies, and that’s why should be your destination. So, use it to clinch a perfect deal.
Using a custom car number plate in NSW PDF Print E-mail
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Car Number Plates
21 September 2010

car license plates, greensips,  green slip, regsitration, demerit  points

Driving in New South Wales, Australia has its own merits and demerits. Since the traffic is quite heavy in this Australia state, you have to be at your best when sitting behind the wheel. However, the good thing is that you will enjoy driving in these conditions, and to help you do in your own unique way, you are provided with the option of having a custom car number plate.

When in NSW, you can choose a plate from eight different styles. All these styles are good and help you have something to impress others. However, it is also quite important tom mention that styles of number plates in NSW are somewhat limited, especially when compared to some other states. For instance, the range of plates is much greater in Victoria, Tasmania, and QLD as compared to NSW. Not only this, you may also find a funkier car number plate in other states.

Nevertheless, you are able to show your creative side by opting for these custom plates in NSW. Just keep in mind that if you go for these custom plates in this state, you will have to pay a significantly high fee, especially if you keep a plate for a long time. For cars, you may have to pay one off fee between $30 and $71.

The fact of the matter is that using a custom car number plate in NSW is a good idea only for those who think they can handle a high annual fee. However, the fact remains that having a custom number plate has something special about it.
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