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Considerations for Choosing the Right Concrete Paint

Concrete paint provides chemical resistance, and thus increases the longevity and performance of concrete floors. If you choose the right concrete paint, it will protect concrete floors from deterioration. But to choose the right concrete paint, you have to make some considerations. In this post, we will focus on those important considerations.

Environmental conditions

Concrete is durable, but if you leave it unprotected, it can not withstand traffic or chemical attack. When choosing and installing concrete coatings, you have to consider requirements for individual projects. Thus you can ensure the longevity and performance of the floor.

When selecting a concrete paint, you have to consider the type of chemicals the paint will be exposed to. All types of paint do not have the same level of chemical resistance. While some provide protection against simple splashes, others provide protection against harsh chemicals.

Epoxy coatings can protect concrete from different types of chemicals such as oils. These coatings can also protect and polish concrete floorings from chemicals that are found in wastewater. If you are looking for the best polished concrete style to suit your needs then you can find more information about polished concrete flooring here: https://www.on-crete.com.au/how-to/create-polished-concrete.

How much impact will the floor sustain? This is another important consideration. The selection of concrete paint should be determined by the amount of load that the floor will sustain.

For a floor that sustains a lot of loads, you should choose a concrete paint with abrasive resistant and high durability. Depending on the formula, polyurethane and epoxy have varying levels.

You also need to consider weather conditions, exposure to thermal shock, and UV resistance.

Meeting standards

In order to select the right concreter paint, you also have to know the industry standards. There are particular standards for healthcare facilities, food and beverage industry, and other industries. You have to make sure that the standards of your particular industry are met.

When it comes to flooring, the standards are different from industry to industry. If you have a commercial kitchen, you have to ensure food safety. If you are responsible for storing food items, you need non-slip flooring.

In Australia, no matter what type of building you have, you have to make sure that the floors are slip resistant. You have to choose the concrete paint depending on the type of floor you have.

You should also consider the levels of volatile organic compound. It is always a good practice to check the VOC levels. High levels of VOC are not allowed in certain areas. If you have to work in a low ventilation area, you must stay away from high VOC levels and high odour.


Practicality and functionality are the top priorities, but you also have to make sure that your entrances and room look inviting. When it comes to choosing a concrete paint, aesthetics is one of the most important things to consider, because it is all about making your room look visually appealing. If you do not make the right choice now, you will be disappointed later.

A concrete paint may have decorative flakes or a solid colour. This choice will depend on the desired look of the room. If your standard of aesthetics is high, you may have to spend more. But that does not necessarily mean that visually pleasant concrete paint is expensive.

Whether you choose epoxy or polyurethane, you will have a variety of colours to choose from. Some epoxy resin and paint products are customisable, and you can easily create the colours of your choice, view On-Crete's range of epoxy resins to find out more information about the customisation of epoxy. This is a great option for you if you are looking for a colour that is not standard.

These are the main considerations when choosing a concrete paint. But depending on your particular situation, you may need to consider some other important things.